Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Is it time for New Garden Decking?

When summer arrives, there's nothing simpler than a weekend spent out in your own garden decking. Whether you are enjoying a meal, watching the kids play, or reading a book, it's fantastic to have an outdoor oasis in your home.

If you are searching to refinish your deck or perhaps construct a brand new one to take advantage of the summer months, you may be asking yourself where to store. A wood flooring shop might not be your first consideration, but floor specialists also know a lot about garden decking, also!

Although wood has long been a favorite material for decks, it can be difficult to look after, requiring regular refinishing and sealing to prevent water damage and discolouration. Because of this, many individuals have turned to composite materials due to their garden decking demands.

What Exactly Are Composite Deck Boards?

Composite deck planks are a modern material specifically designed for the building of decks and other outdoor structures. They are made from timber waste such as saw dust and recycled vinyl substance (normally from milk jugs and plastic bags). They're regarded as the environmentally friendly solution, since they are produced from recycled and reclaimed materials and don't require the harvesting of fresh wood.

Because of their high plastic content, composite deck planks are very water resistant and hold up well to the elements. They also don't tend to discolour the same way natural timber will, though they can be scraped and stained.

Among the few complaints about composite boards is that they don't actually look or feel like wood. From a distance they give the appearance of a wooden deck, but up close their fabricated character becomes easily apparent. They're also able to heat up faster in sunlight, which makes them uncomfortable for walking barefoot, though they also don't carry the risk of splintering.

Lots of individuals like composite decking since it's specifically intended for outdoor projects. It's simple to use, and there is lots of information available on the internet about the top fasteners and building practices to utilize if you want to do your garden decking job.

Of course, the biggest advantage to composite decking is when that first warm day of the year arrives, it is possible to go straight out for the deck and enjoy it, rather than spending the first nice weekend around the time-consuming procedure of stripping and trimming a wooden deck!

Making the Best Option for Garden Decking

Discussing with floor specialists can help you decide which composite decking boards are the very best for your house. You can get information on the best colours and finishes to compliment the color and style of your house, and how much to buy.

A backyard deck made from composite decking is a great investment for your house, sure to provide endless enjoyment from the spring and summer months for a long time to come. Do not spend the summer months up indoors wishing you're enjoying the beautiful day. Now's a great time to begin on building or refinishing your deck!