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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Adds Beauty & Value

Hardwood Flooring Home Maintenance

Hardwood flooring: Whether it is brand new or generational, it is an investment worth protecting. Not only does this add beauty and warmth to every area where it is installed, but it also adds value to your home. That is as long as your hardwood floors remain in good shape.

Say you decideyou need to sell your home -- for whatever reason -- and you're searching for a fairly quick sale. However, what if your home contains a great deal of hardwood floors that's in need of refinishing. Any/all curious buyers will, of course, not provide exactly what you're hoping to get on the high end -- due to the impending cost of employing a floor contractor to reunite your hardwood floors to its former gleaming glory.

Aside from cleaning your hardwood floors, there are a couple of every-day preventative measures you can employ to prolong the attractiveness and"health" of your flooring.

Use Furniture Pads

Scratches are a few of the most difficult problems to solve in hardwood flooring. While some scratching is unavoidable, you can can be proactive consequently preventing excess damage Among the best ways to remove some scratching would be to include furniture pads into the bottoms of your chairs, sofas, and tables.

Sweep or Dust

Even if you don't allow shoe-wearing in house, dust finds a way to reside on all surfaces, wood floors included. And then finds it's way to the wood's grain and between floor planks. If you have cats and dogs that drop even a little, there's a hygiene issue to consider. So dust or sweep!

Vacuum Once A Week

If it sounds like work, it's. But come on -- it's not difficult work! Weekly vacuuming is key to maintaining a clean home, as you will also pick up dirt and dirt you missed while crossing your floors. Not into vacuuming all on your own?

Refinish Each 3-5 Years

"Over the years, as soon as your wood flooring starts to lose it's sheen, then they can be revived through re-coating. This involves applying a new coat of wood flooring finish. How often you'll need to do this is dependent upon the your household's lifestyle. In Stratford Area.

Stratford Floor Sanding is a family-owned hardwood flooring business that's been taking excellent care Stratford homeowners and companies' flooring needs' for over 25 years. From sales and installation to repair and refinishing, you are going to feel that you and your hardwood floors are in good hands.

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